We are excited to announce our brand new therapy euqipment here at Birmingham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC.

Our new Physical Therapy equipment is state of the art and we are the only Skilled Nursing Facility in Alabama to have one!!!!!


The OmniStand Dynamic Balance System is a standing frame that allows body sway on a fixed platform, just like balancing in the real world.  It provides adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients beyond static frames, while keeping them safely supported during progressive balance and pre-gait training.  The OmniStand has three sway settings that therapists can use to work confidently with their patients to evoke ankle, hip, and/or stepping balance responses.  The OmniStand can even be used to incorporate changes in balance conditions (vision, base of support, surface, etc.), improving patients' outcomes creatively and effectively.



Synchrony is a comprehensive clinical program thats uses biofeedback signals with a Virtual Reality Assisted System that allows SLPs and patients to "see the swallow" during dysphagia treatment.  The program helps Speech Pathologists in reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonia, malnurtition, dehydration, and other complications related to dysphagia by aiding the SLP in evaluating the quality of a swallow to guide intervention and to capture objective data to demonstrate treatment progression and outcomes.   Patients participate in a variety of exercise based acitivies (some of which are game like) that are theraputic , fun, and interactive. 


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