A Personality in Full Bloom

by: John Matson - Alabama Nursing Home Association


Freddie Douglas finds beauty in everything around her.  In flowers, pictures, waterfalls and most importantly friends.

She's found all of those things and more at her home for the past two years, Birmingham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC.

"I enjoy living in this facility, it has a home like environment, " Freddie said.  "The facility is beautiful inside and out.  It reminds me of home, flower gardens, a gazebo surrounded by many colorful flowers and a waterfall."

Just like springtime flowers, everyone who meets Freddie sees a personality in full bloom. She never meets a stranger and her bright smile and sweet words always offer encouragement.  Pictures of her many friends and family adorn the walls of her room. 

"Living in the nursing home has helped me to stay motivated, " Freddie said.  "Many people are here to mingle with.  At home, I didn't get a change to meet, greet and be a part of such activties that keep me with a quality lifestyle."

"Ms. Douglas is outgoing, loves engaging others and always see the best in people," Birmingham Nursing and Rehab Center Administrator Mattie Banks said.


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